How can I help you?

I know you and i get it.

You’re lacking confidence, buried under expectations and overwhelmed. Health and wellbeing? where does that fit in? you get full of inspiration and enthusiasm …. but then life kicks in and it fizzles away to nothing and you’re back to square one.

Worry and overthinking is keeping you anxious and stuck.

You want to do something for yourself, but you have no time to put yourself first, never mind time to dream about what life could be like and who you want to be.

You’re frustrated, realising that life is ticking by and you need to get your head in the game or you risk being trapped in your situation forever.

The fear of doing something about it is so great you don’t move at all, because its less painful to pretend everything is fine and stick your head in the sand. BUT is it worth the risk?

Is it worth giving up on your best self and letting that feeling of excitement and hope fly out of the window with your dreams.

NO its not worth the risk. You can take control and I can help you.

I’m a Mindset Coach and NLP Practitioner. I’m also a midlife working mum. I know how you feel.

I’m offering a FREE wellbeing chat just to see where you’re at. I create space just for you thats informal and fun where you can offload and decide what you need to do next! Then do it!

Get in touch below! You don’t need to be alone in this.

Why hire a coach?

Do you every wish you had someone in your corner who you could share your thoughts and feelings with?

Do you need to understand why you constantly seem to give up on all your goals, just when you thought this time would be different?

Do you always say ’yes’ to keep the peace? Even when you feel helplessly overwhelmed?

Do you need guidance to sort out your thoughts and figure out how to get out of that rut?

Do you need someone to keep you accountable so you follow through this time?

I am that person.
I will always be there for your greater good. I will listen and give you space to think and decide how to move forward. I’ll keep you accountable when you make excuses. I will explain and help you understand why you act in ways that aren’t useful for you and give you strategies to help you find confidence, self belief and freedom to make your choices in your life.

Your time, your space, your you.

This is your journey to create and enjoy, contact me for a friendly chat to see where I can help.

Come and join my Facebook group,
Pause over a cuppa
Regroup and be inspired
Move closer to where you want to be …

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