What makes you move?

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I’m quite an impulsive person, if I want something I want it now! Which is great because it stops me overthinking and procrastinating but sometimes is miss the thinking that gives me the reason for doing something. This means that my impulse short changes me because I lose momentum and stop, I’ve kind of missed the point!

I did an activity this week on motivation and wanted to share it with you because it was a real surprise for me!

So, back at the end of May I looked in the mirror and saw a lumpy frumpy 50 year old. My lockdown girth was spreading by the day! I know I’ll do Couch to 5K! (the NHS learn to run app) Impulse in action! I hated running. All my life I’d told myself and everyone else “I’m not a runner”, “I can’t do it I’m asthmatic”, “I was more a sprinter than long distance”. But this time my motivation was strong … If I can run I’ll be thin! And then I realised if I started then I would be finished the 9 week program around my 51st birthday! Jackpot I could actually achieve something in the crazy COVID world and my 50th year! That was it I was off. I bought running shoes and leggings literally running away from that reflection …. or so I thought!

I weighed and measured myself week 3. I hadn’t lost 1 lb or 1 inch 😕. I kept going …. it might happen soon. I weighed and measured myself week 6 …. noooooo! Scales and tape measure must be wrong? Week 6 was horrible. On all three runs all I could think was “why am I even doing this? I hate it”, “my legs are like lead”, “I can’t breathe” all the way round. But for some reason I didn’t stop … why not? Normally I would have, what I thought was motivating me motivation, my reason for moving was wearing thin, but I didn’t stop. Weird.

So fast forward to this week, week 8. Yesterday I ran for over 30 minutes for the second time. I am a runner.

So I’ve blown all of those limiting beliefs out of the water. If I think about it they were ridiculous excuses. Of course I can run, I’m healthy I just needed to put the work in and take it steady, being an asthmatic has nothing to do with it if I’m careful and listen to my body and what’s sprinting got to do with it!I

So I did the motivation activity using my running as the subject. So why did I keep running because I’m still definitely not thin! Was I running (literally) away from that image in the mirror or towards something stronger that was actually keeping me going.

Then I realised. I have some friends who are runners and I want to be like them. They know inside that they have the confidence, energy and grit to push through when it gets hard and you can tell when you look at them. They have a glow about them. I realised I feel jealous when I see runners going past at a steady pace looking comfortable and more than once have wished I could do that. That was my motivation in full technicolour. I knew all this inside when I started but I wasn’t honest with myself I just latched onto the first reason that come along.

Now yesterday I used that motivation, all the way round I used that motivation, I was a runner, I was an in that 50 something, strong, confident woman club, I was doing it! And you know what it was my longest run yet and I actually considered doing more! I listened to myself and found what made me move, I believe in myself and I ran towards my goal! Perhaps week 6 wouldn’t have been so bad if my mindset would have been in the right wavelength!

So take 5 minutes to think about what you want and motivates you. Do you want to move away from something uncomfortable or towards something you aspire for? Think of what it will be like when you get there, then move….just do it! Don’t give yourself chance to make excuses!

One thought on “What makes you move?

  1. That’s really inspiring. I feel exactly the same way. I always wanted to ‘be able’ to run 5k and do a Park Run! I love it and want to keep going Unlike you I am at week 8 but it’s not getting easier, I do ‘ need’ to stop at the end 😞 cannot ‘push it’ like everyone else seems to. . Now got shin and ankle pain, splints? Devastating set back. But I really want to achieve this!! Your blog was a great read. Thank you!


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