What does the inside of your head look like?

So you guys always get my take on the training I’ve been doing and this week it’s all about neurology and it’s fascinating!

We can all go through the same situation but we will all experience it differently. We take on information all the time through our 5 senses but when all that information hits the brain it goes through our own unique filter system. This system is different in everyone because we all live individual lives, even identical twins have different lives don’t they? So we put our own slant on how we interpret the situation. We read different things into what people say, we get vibes from body language and it’s all because of what we’ve already experienced and learnt in life. So the bottom line is what we think about the information that comes in, creates our reality of the situation, and in turn, makes us react a certain way or have a certain mood…and we all know how a bad mood can hang around!

But if you recognise what’s happening you can rethink that interpretation and change your reaction or mood. How many times has something happened to make you angry …. and you’re angry all day because you keep rethinking about what happened, telling people about it….and guess what? you stay angry, you’re snapping at the kids and slamming things around. It’s exhausting. So how do you shift the mood? Read on!

It follows then, that if we can focus on different information coming in we will react or feel differently and that’s the trick. When we know we’re in an unhelpful mood or our reactions are ok due to the circumstances (It is ok to be angry!) but we feel we’re letting them run away with us (it’s not good to be angry all day!) PAUSE.

REGROUP and ask yourself …

“What state do I want or need to be in to make this easy, or better, or more comfortable?”

So you decide you should be calm. You need to use your three main senses and see, hear, and feel or do, whatever it takes to MOVE to that helpful state to change your mood or reaction…..and you need to do it INSTANTLY.

There will be resistance, your mind will try and talk you out of it, if you take longer than 5 seconds you’ve given your mind time to make excuses! So just do it!

We live most of out time in the inside of our mind …. what does yours look like? What are you seeing in there? Is it a beautiful, calm or exciting place? What can you hear? What are you telling yourself? What conversations are you replaying? Do they make you feel good? What habits do you decide to do? Are they helping you move towards what you want? or sabotaging your hopes and dreams?

I don’t know about you but I’m going to do a bit of a mind makeover today think nice thoughts, remember great times, decide to do something that makes me smile…seems a great way to spend a Saturday! Happy Saturday everyone xx

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