Is that your monkey?

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Ok so I‘ve been back at work for a week now and I’m starting to feel I’m carrying a load. Nothing I can’t manage but my furlough lightness has left me and I’m navigating my way through fitting my life in time wise and having more responsibilities again.

Suddenly this morning in the shower I was overthinking work again and a question popped into my head. It made me chuckle, but helped give me a way of thinking about issues that lifted my mood and would help me sort through all the extra clutter in there.

The thought:
But is that monkey actually mine?

“Management Time: Who’s got the monkey?” Was the subject of a Harvard Business Review article in 1974. The ‘monkey’ is a problem or issue that needs action or dealing with, and the idea is that the monkey jumps around or gets passed to others, (sitting on their backs normally, you know that bit that aches?), depending on who is dealing with it at that time.

Monkeys can be big or small, we can carry many at a time and sometimes for a longtime without doing anything with them…. and they can get mighty heavy!

Sometimes they’re not even our monkeys, they’re someone else’s we’ve picked up, or they’ve been thrown to us to deal with because the true owner has offloaded them!

So I have a work monkey at the moment….it keeps jumping up and down shouting and it’s scary to deal with. But today I realised it’s not even my monkey. I have no control of the decision of what happens to the monkey I am just keeping it calm until the owner decides if it goes back in its cage or not! Suddenly it’s not that scary – here have a banana!

So let’s do a regular monkey review! How many monkeys are you carrying? Are they really yours? Can someone help you carry one or can you give one away? Better still can you give one a talking to and explain it has no place with you anymore and you can set it free?

Imagine your monkeys all sitting there, can you feel them? … smile at their lovely faces and then act with purpose to get rid of the monkeys! Lighten your load and your day! ❤️🐒

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