Are you all in?

This quote really resonated with me this morning.

You know when you’ve made the jump and been brave, come out of your comfort zone. Then you can’t quite believe you’ve done it. You scheduled it in, took action and did it! You’re catching your breath and you know you’ve gone up a level. You’re proud of yourself and you settle to your new rung on that ladder.

But then you realise you’ve got comfortable again and you know deep inside that you need to take action again. To be brave again. But you keep telling yourself you’re doing great when actually you’re procrastinating again!🤣 You’re taking about it, envisioning it but resisting scheduling in action.

This is me right now. I know I’m doing it, I’m putting off being brave again because it scary. I could stay here and kid myself but that won’t get me to where I want to be further up the ladder. The higher I get the further it is to fall, and more people will see me. But to reach my goal people need to see me and know I’m there… I can’t stay here. I need to move.

So today I’m going to take stock. Pause. I’m going to plan my route to the next step. Regroup. And then I’m going to MOVE. 5,4,3,2,1 GO! Deep breath and do it!

Am I worried what people think – yes – but I also know that those who love me and care will support me. Those who are threatened by my actions – well that’s more about them than me. And those who don’t know me yet – we’ll if they’re drawn to my energy then they’ll come close and join our tribe!

So are you being honest with yourself? Are you dreaming, talking, visioning, wishing, hoping to win the lottery then it will all be alright? Or will you be scheduling action in this week to make it happen? Your choice, anything is possible if you make the choice! Be brave xx

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