Smile We’re Stardust!

It’s funny how thought processes go isn’t it? Or perhaps it’s just my crazy mind 🤣

So I read my horoscope and it said “Put some happy energy out into the world. You will surely get ten times that amount back again.” OK so I searched ‘happy energy’ on Pinterest and ended up remembering that someone said we were all stardust. Random but very true! See the link below from the National History Museum!

So if we’re all startdust and energy from the universe, and our make up molecules have been around for millions of years … well that makes me feel really uplifted and free! Anything is possible isn’t it because this amazing fact is happening everyday all around us we just don’t see it. Instead we get bogged down in everyday stress, moans and stuff that is quite frankly irrelevant in the scheme of things.

So I lifted my thoughts away from ‘back to the grind’ and looked up. You can do that too. Anytime you like. It’s free and it gives you freedom. Why worry? We’re all part of a bigger plan, a bigger picture, and most of the daily grind is just white noise that fills life.

The glue that makes stardust into things is energy. The energy in those stars nurtures us all, we feel it in the sun, plants grow, we eat them and the energy transfers to us.

Energy creates where it is focused. I’ll leave a word from Budda!

Where we focus our energy and thoughts creates our feelings. When we feel, we react and that creates actions. So if we focus our energy on the daily grind, it’s easy to get into a negative mindset, feel trapped, stuck, bored etc. If we look up and notice the possibility of creativity that is there right in front of our eyes FACT … is it not easier to focus on what possibilities we have for ourselves!

That dream you have …. “What if you can?” Look up and smell the stardust people! 😊 Happy Wednesday anything could happen! And it does, everyday, why not you?

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