What are you afraid of?

I don’t mean spiders or mice

I mean what is inside?

What do you push down and not think about. You know that feeling in your chest you get?

I think of my dream to be a coach, to help people shift to a better place so they can move forward. And I’m excited and hopeful. My mind starts racing ahead … planning … figuring out what next to make it real.

Then I get that heavy feeling, “but I can’t do that”. I’m afraid of rejection, of failure, of embarrassment, of not being good enough”

Then my overthinking kicks in. “What if they laugh at you?”

Who? Why would they? So what if they did? Do you still want it?

Well yes but …

Really? You’re making an assumption that they’ll laugh, it’s not a fact. You’re fearful because it matters a lot to you. If you let the fear take control you’ll turn away from this … again.

So I’ll flip it and welcome that anxiety in my chest and turn it into excitement. I’ll accept the feeling as a sign that this is important to me.

Fear has a lot of energy right! It can stop you in your tracks.


While others run scared I’ll use the energy to push me though.

What’s the worst that could happen?

No what’s the BEST that could happen?

What are you afraid of?

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