Mushy Warm Cereal anyone?

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When was the last time you were excited?

Properly excited because you were doing something that made your heart sing.

Butterflies in your tummy, nervous because you’re doing something new, pushing forward, taking a chance. You’re alive, you feel alive, aglow. You’re connecting with what’s important to you. Buzzing. Pumped. Ready to go.

When was the last time that happened?

Time to SHINE! Full of MAGIC!

or not …. Will you feel like that again? Soon?

Or is the magic like Andy Cope and Gavin Oates describe in their book Shine. “it fizzles and vanishes. It’s like your rice crispies that you poured milk on and forgot. An hour later their snap crackle and pop is just a mushy mess.” 🤣

Of course the tricky bit when you grab life with both hands is you start sabotaging yourself. “What will people say?”, “What if it doesn’t work?”, “What if I fail?”, “I’m petrified”, “ I can’t do it what am I thinking”, “People like me don’t do things like that”, “I’m just a mum really”, “I should just be satisfied with what I’ve got”.

Really? Sorry but you’re going for the mushy bowl there lovely people! You happy with that?

Time doesn’t last for ever does it? Apparently an avarrage life is about 4000 weeks. Go ahead … how many have you used?

I woke up to a sobering thought this morning. Tomorrow my son is 24, in 24 more years I’ll be pushing 80!😳 And this COVID thing. Well it just goes to show we never know what’s around the corner.

So what do I want for the next 24 years? Mushy cereal? HELL NO!

I want butterflies, I want scary, I want the glow, I want to inspire and follow my own path. You know it’s so easy to stay comfortable isn’t it? But I’d sooner feel alive and take whatever that brings for the 1336 weeks I have left!

So back to you … has 2020 made you think? About yourself I mean, about your life. How do you feel about 2021 and beyond? Who will you be in the future? How will you feel in the future?

And now I’ve mentioned mushy cereal you can’t unthink it can’t you? 🤣

So when you get your breakfast everyday think about your life … is it snap, crackle, pop, crisp, tasty, sweet, crunchy, fresh with added strawberries ….
or soggy, mushy, warm and flat?

Your cereal … you decide!

Big love everyone ❤️

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