Human Being or Human Doing?

Which are you right now?

Question: How are you?
Reply: I’m fine thanks, keeping busy……

What I want to say is crazily busy, stupidly busy, I don’t get done half of what I want to everyday and when I sit down in the evening I fall asleep, feeling like I’ve not achieved much.  I’m like a hamster in a wheel …. just keep going…..

Quoting Bilbo Baggins

“I feel thin, sort of stretched, like butter scraped over too much bread’

But what are we all doing and why?

Is it important busyness like actual caring for relatives and children, working and preparing good food and activity that makes you smile.  You know the stuff that in 6 months time we’ll be really glad you spent time on.

Or is it scrolling your phone, flicking around with lists, folders inside folders, meetings for meetings sake, watching tv you’re not interested in, Your diary is so crammed you actually have a discussion with yourself about if you actually have time to stop for a wee at the next motorway services!  (Yes I have actually had that conversation!)

How does being busy make you feel?
Flustered, stressed, burnt out …..

What about feeling important, valued, needed?

What if you’re masking how you feel inside by being busy, filling your day so you don’t have time to actually spend time with yourself and value just being you?  Keeping busy so you don’t have time to think, to focus on what you really want.  It’s easier to just keep going ….

Life ebbs and flows and when we start getting stressed we can fill the anxiety and pain with stuff to shove it down, but that just increases the pressure on ourselves.  I’m feeling crappy, scared, uncertain, and now I’ve got this to do and such and such is expecting that.  Your inner voice gets louder, “look you can’t do it, you’re failing, you can’t cope”



What if we were more focused and cut down on the amount of bread?

I’m in reset mode.

Breathe again

1. What can I control?  Anything else gets erased from my thoughts, no point worrying

2. What’s important to me? What do I need to satisfy inside that will keep me feeling good? If I’m not in a good place I can’t move forward nor help anyone else.

3. Work out what action I need to take to keep me in that place.  What habits do I need and what do I need to say no to?

I pledge to be a human being and not a human doing, who’s with me?

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