You’re Contagious!

Listen carefully.

Not with the TV in the background. Kids “Mum, mum.” Mind whizzing on what you need to get for tea at some point today. Oh! It’s 9.30am. I have a Zoom at 10am and I haven’t done this yet. I’ll have to think of an excuse. COVID COVID COVID

Stop. Just stop for a minute. And listen carefully.

What does the silence say to you?

How do you feel?
At peace, content, calm?
Or frazzled, worried, confused, spinning.

Somethings missing.

Apart from the obvious at the moment of not going where we want and seeing who we want, which, point taken, is a HUGE amount of missing.

But even in these times material things are still laid out in abundance before us. We are the first human generation in the West who literally die from excess. How many different types of yogurt and juices can you buy from your supermarket?

So if COVID has shown us anything it’s that the empty missing feeling isn’t from a lack of ‘stuff.’

So take out what you can’t control.
What do you need to feel at peace and content now that you can control?

We can still control our thoughts which lead to our feelings. If we think positive, we feel better, more upbeat and we act differently. We smile, we think faster and effortlessly, we’re more creative and more willing to give things a go. You’re optimistic, you’re goals seem more achievable and you’re spurned on to make things happen.

Christakis and Fowler say that our ‘emotional spillage’ creates a ripple effect that reaches three degrees of people removed from you. Your superpowers of positivity work remotely and invisibly. So you’re contagious! Let’s carry this thing and give COVID a run for it’s money!

Keep safe, warm and well everyone ❤️

PS Big plug for the book Zest by Andy Cope, Gavin Oattes and Will Hussey. Great book, talks a lot of sense!

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