Bloody Annoyed and Grey?

Let’s stay bloody annoyed and grey today!

Who would choose that? Really?  Actually be honest … is that what you’re doing? Is that what you’re choosing for this Sunday with Christmas around the corner?

My husband ‘hears’ all the COVID stuff.  The news, the Facebook posts, the surmising and toing and froing that everyone is doing at the moment.  I worry about him.  It’s probably not helping his blood pressure and he looks tired.  I asked him how it makes him feel.  “Bloody annoyed” was his reply.

Is this you or anyone you know?  Is your face often set in a dogs bottom pose?  How much of the day is spent glum? With a scowl?  Are you a mood hoover?  How is your mood affecting others around you who are also already having this same battle.

Can you control COVID?  Can you influence Boris’ decisions? NO NO NO.

So you have a choice.  Stay bloody annoyed and GREY or change the colour.

I love colour. What colour do you want to be today?

Go on choose a colour! One is popping into your head right now.  And I bet you a million pounds you now cannot think of it!  Come on hand over the dosh! 🤣🤣💸💰

So I’ve just proved you can change your thoughts.  So do it again.

Change what you focus on.

I’m changing my inner voice and images from

😫  queuing outside shops in the cold wet winter weather
😖  trying to keep my distance doing my Christmas shopping in stuffy shops with my mask on feeling overwhelmed 
😥  not having seen my son for weeks
😶  furloughed again feeling under valued and useless
😔  miss my friends live music and dancing


😘  all my friends and family seem to be ok, well and coping.  I’m there for them if they need me
🥳  Christmas is coming we can still enjoy lots! The food, the lights, there’s bound to be a classic eastenders big ‘doof doof’
☺️  love how the family and all the pets settle down warm and cosy together in an evening, family snoozes on the settee
🐶  lots of time for long doggy walks
☃️  there might be snow and we don’t have to worry about the drive to work!

There it is.  Yellow and deep velvet red, dusky pink and mint green and periwinkle blue 🌈

I know let’s smile, feel contentment and see that rainbow … it’s real and it’s your choice right now!

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