I dare you!

Photo by Grevin Kivi on Pexels.com

Are you comfortable and cosy? Those dreams are real pretty floating around up there aren’t they?

or is it uncomfortable to think of them? Does it feel like someone is poking you hard on the inside? That damn inner voice starts up “Look at you still sitting there. You could have done that. You let that chance just walk on by. You’ll never do anything special”

So you reply. You can see yourself playing the guitar, loving the calm deep sound, it’s peaceful and effortless. You’re good. You love it so you practice a lot. You really enjoy it so it’s easy to fit it into your day.

But. Reality check. How do I do it? I can’t afford a guitar. I don’t even know how to go about buying one. I couldn’t go for lessons I’d feel so stupid being so rubbish.

What’s that? Oh yes I need to get on with the tea.

And that’s it …. you leave it and move on …. again.

Your guitar is sitting on a shelf in a warehouse waiting for you.
Your Soul – you know, the part of you you let in and listened to for just a moment … to feel the thrill of the cool wood in your hands, the weight on your knee, the twang as you caught a string …. is yearning. You feel it in the pit of your stomach. But no you push it down …. again.

“I haven’t got time for that” – why?
”Thats not important is it” – isn’t it?
”I have other things I need to do”
”Maybe one day when I get around to it” – 😶

But what if you could? What would it be like? Imagine going into the music shop. What would your expression be like? How would your Soul feel now? Imagine curling up on a cold winters evening on your sofa with blankets and YOUR guitar.

The thing is you can if you choose. You only need to stop wanting and start creating this reality one step at a time.
Choose to convert your dreams into projects and give your Soul a break!


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