A Fresh Start – But We’ve Got Some Work To Do!

It feels like change is coming doesn’t it?

We’re coming out of lockdown soon and this time it feels more real and that’s fantastic.

BUT.  And yes that’s a big BUT

I look at myself in the mirror and where do I start?  In 2020, although it was frustrating being locked down, I got comfortable with my jamas, no make-up, no style hair.  And although I’m a firm believer of ‘it’s what’s inside that matters’, I’m starting to feel a little bit edgy.

I’ll have to find time for that ‘getting ready stuff’ I’ve not bothered with for a year.  I’ve not bought any new clothes except tracky bottoms or PJ’s for a year.  I got fit last summer.  I was on furlough so I had the time.  But how do I find time for the run now I’m back at work?

I’m a startled rabbit and it’s March next Monday, the suns shining more.

I need to get some serious work done and I need to get some serious motivation going on.

The panic is rising guys. Can you feel it?

“It’s ok Michelle, you’re an accredited coach, you’re bound to get this licked”, I hear you say.

No pressure then! And please remember I’m only human too!

So, where to start.  Try these questions for size!

  1. What do I want?
  2. What specifically is the reason I want that? Why? Why? Why? – go deep guys.  To find your motivation you need to find your real pain point.  What’s underneath? What values are you supporting by taking this action?
  3. What are you feeling now? How do you want to feel? 
  4. What’s stopping you? What are you scared of? How will you face these fears? What will that feel like? What will it feel like when you’ve pushed through?
  5. What doubts do you have? What obstacles will you face?
  6. When will you get there?

Be honest this won’t be a bed of roses.  Figure out what’s going to get in your way and do a work around now. So when it happens you can just revert to plan B with less stress.What can help me? Who can help me?

How will you know when you get there?

If you can’t see the target you’re definitely going to miss it!  What will it feel like? Sound like? What will you see in the mirror?

So this might help.

Imagine you’re climbing a mountain.  You’re at the bottom looking up.  My that’s steep. And you can’t see the whole path from here.  You feel motivated but apprehensive.  You see the enormity of what you’re trying to do.  So you start walking one step at a time.  It’s easy to start with, your fresh and keen.  But then the ground gets uneven, you stumble a little.  Then there’s rocks and you can’t see the top.  You fall and bang your knee.  Ouchy.  Your inner voice starts “This is no good.  You’ll never do it.  You can’t even see the top.  Let’s go down and have cocoa.”

What do you do?

You dig deep and remember the answers to the questions.  Feel the pain of where you were, and you take the next step up.  Slow and steady.

There it is.  There’s the top. 3 more steps. YES! You made it!

Now look back.  Can you see your path?  You can see every stumble, every twist and turn from here.

You will see the steps easier from the top.  You will see them from a position and feeling of success and accomplishment.

So here’s the tip.  Everyday take five minutes to do the following exercise:

Take a few deep breaths

Imagine you can see your future beyond you, and there you are, way in front, achieving your goal.

See yourself out there.  What do you look like? Sound like? What is your posture like? What are you wearing?

Move along your future towards your successful self.  Walk around and stand behind successful you.

Now walk into you and look around.  See your clothes, listen to your breathing and feel your posture.

Now turn and look back.

What steps did you take to get here?

You’ll find that the path becomes clearer and you can see some definite markers from this position.  Even if it’s only a couple to start with.  If you do this often as you move forwards it will help you when you’re stumbling.  Keep your eyes and your feelings IN future you.  You know how to get up that ,mountain I promise.

Right now I’m off, where’s my boots!

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