Drippy Energy!

Let’s talk energy!

We all have it – some days more than others! But often in our busy lives it’s a resource in short supply, so a little control would be useful, or it just slips away through your fingers.

You know when you have those days when you’ve a million things you wanted to do, and it gets to about 4pm, and you feel like you’ve achieved one or two, but where did the time go?! And your energy has just got up and gone!

Energy can be like a leaky water bottle.  Drip drip drip throughout the day. Tip it and more flows out but if you tip it in a useful direction then it’s not wasted … like over your flowering houseplants.

So we can focus our energy.  As always you have a choice.  You can allow it to drip down the drain or you can focus it in a useful direction. But what about when you’ve too many priorities and overthinking kicks in?

Hesitancy wastes your energy drips.  You spend precious time ruminating, mind-reading and foretelling a catastrophic future and all the time the energy bottle is dripping.

So here’s some top tips when that happens

  1. You cannot predict the future EVER. So stop trying – it’s a waste of energy. Anything can happen at any time STOP WORRYING about things that will probably never happen.
  2. You cannot mind read someone EVER. No matter how close you are you have no way to know what someone else is thinking. And they’re human too, so yes, their thought processes are as weird as yours! Take comfort from that fact!
  3. When you’re overwhelmed. Stop a minute and care for yourself. Breathe, pause, cup of tea, read for 5 minutes. Take your mind away from the overwhelm.
    • This does two things. It gives your brain a break, time to settle, time for your subconscious to figure out a priority.  Let it do it’s thing but it needs a clear space.
    • It also brings conscious control back to you.  Choose to stop. Move out of the place where you’re panicking. Consciously move and do something different, it shifts your mindset. You are in control you’ve slowed the drips down, your bottle is more upright.
  4. When you’ve settled listen to your subconscious- sure as eggs is eggs, something will pop into your mind as a priority- do it.
  5. Just get up and take some action. So now you’re focussing your drips in a direction that’s useful. Taking action is the most important thing you can do.  Remember imperfect action is the best way to move forward.  Let go of perfection and move!

So, drippy energy bottles at the ready!

Let’s go!

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