Feel Your Feelings!

Let’s Talk Feelings

What do you do with yours? Ignore them, bury them and carry on regardless where you can?  Wear them on your sleeve?  Or do you blurt them out? They just won’t stay in!

We all have them it’s a human thing.  They come from our thoughts, consciously or unconscious ones too.  We have a feeling 90% of the time and contrary to popular belief they are neither good or bad … they just are.  View them as ‘useful information’ as a message from our subconscious giving us a clue about what we should do.  Trouble is we don’t always listen!  Our conscious brain chatters, thinks in words and is hard to shut up.  Our subconscious brain thinks in images and emotions and often finds it hard to be heard.  But it’s voice is always there deep in your gut … you know what I mean1

Being able to recognise and express emotions helps you better understand yourself and take steps to address them directly.  Use them as a direct form of motivation to improve your world and become more resilient.  Trying to ignore unpleasant feelings may feel like a smart coping strategy, but it takes so much energy and the bottom line is they won’t go away, your mind will shout louder if somethings not right.  And you’re more likely to resort to unhealthy coping strategies if you don’t listen.

So it’s good to listen to them and name them, sometimes this alone, being able to identify and accept a feeling without judgement, helps you feel less stressed.  It gives you the grounding to make a decision and take action to address the cause of the feeling.  This process is known to be strongly associated with emotional wellbeing, boosting positive moods, growth of self esteem and confidence.

So take time to listen throughout the day.  Make friends with your feeling side …. It’s good for you!

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