Let It Go!….listen to the lyrics

Let it go … listen to the words!

Fear paralyses, but if you face it, understand it and use it, great things can happen

Something great happened to me last week and it really helped to let some @&*% go!

Someone who I greatly respect told me that she loves my Facebook group and what I post really resonated with her and often struck a cord.

Now that’s such a great thing to hear for anyone, it boosted me, gave me confidence to keep going cos you know I’m only human too.  The thing is when things are slow it’s easy to let those doubts and limiting beliefs creep in….

‘What’s the point?’
‘No-ones listening’
They probably think ‘here she goes again… spouting off, who does she think she is?’
And then there it is … ‘I’m just not good enough’

But one conversation blew them all away.

But lovely lady, you need to know how much more this meant to me than a compliment.  It mattered so much more because when I started this coaching malarkey I didn’t tell hardly anyone, especially people from work, except those I was closest to.  I didn’t really talk about it at all.  Which was a real disappointment because I sooo wanted to become accredited, it was a true life goal.

I just couldn’t tell people what i was doing.  Why?

Well I was really scared, the more something matters the greater the fear right? (I still am, but now I don’t let it stop me.)
I felt shame…it perhaps wasn’t what people expected from me
I felt embarrassed…who am i to want to help other’s?
I felt unworthy

I felt ….. well I could hear judgements ringing in my head whenever I let myself listen

‘Who do you think you are?’
‘It’s not a proper job’
‘Why do you think you can do that?’
‘You’re not good enough.’

But there was something in me that would not be silenced.  I needed to do it and I’ve come to realise over the last few years I’ve always been a coach, it’s in me, I can’t not.  The difference is my training means now I really do know what I’m talking about instead of raw gut instinct (although I still have that too!)

Well the lady I spoke to was from work so her approval really mattered.  And now I know what I do has supported her. So now I feel proud, validated, valued and you know what … good enough!

Thank you lovely lady you know who you are ❤️🙏

So, lessons I have learnt

  1. Never ever underestimate the impact you have on others, you make a difference, but you won’t always realise it
  2. You won’t stop feeling the fear EVER, but look it in the eye and then move through it.  It cannot kill you it’s just a feeling, don’t let it build a wall and stop you moving forward to do what you really want. Life is short no more drifting!
  3. I know that by doing ‘my thing’, despite the fear, I inspire others and thats a real responsibility.  I know there are souls out there who look and wish they could do their thing too.  But they feel fear, shame, embarrassment, unworthy and not good enough.  I know they are saying ‘I wish I could do … (whatever floats their boat).  I say look at me, I did it, and now I tell everyone who wants to talk about it, I’m a coach, with pride not fear. And I didn’t die when I faced my fear, and most people think it’s really cool, which is really cool because it proves I was lying to myself, to keep me in my comfort zone and safe, and my worries were unfounded.

I made friends with my fear, and it walks alongside me now, I’ve detached it so I’m able to control it better and it comes along for the ride!  When it jangles I know something matters! 

So I share my story today in the hope that if this is where you are…turn like a warrior and look fear in the eye.  It only has the power you give it, do not let it win, keep the power within you and rise! And if you need help with the detachment give me a call it really helps 👍

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