Let The Feelings Flow!

So here’s a thing. How are you feeling today?

That’s the difference between a good day and a bad day.

Your reality of your life isn’t whats happening outside of you, it’s what you’re feeling inside about what’s happening outside …………………

read that again!

It’s what we feel about what’s happening outside that determines our experience of life.

Feelings come and go all day and we all know well that lovely inner voice that’s thrilled to tell us in great detail the reason behind the feeling!

So here’s yesterday morning

😖 I’m weary because ….. I walked 9.5 miles then went to the pub
😍 I love my dog because ….. he’s so cute and made me laugh
🙏 I’m hopeful that ….. work will go smoothly today
😫 I’m stressed because ….. I have 34 emails!
🤩 I’m glad we got that sorted …… a problem was solved
😥 I’m worried because ….. my daughter is ill

So the reasons are outside of me … but the feeling, the reality of how I’m experiencing my life is inside.

It’s when we take that inner voice further that things tend to get out of hand. We can get sucked into ‘overthinking’ and catastropising really easy when the thought is negative.

😥 I’m worried because my daughter is I’ll becomes ‘what if she gets worse .. and needs a Dr..and I can’t get an appointment..and we end up at A&E..and we’ve left it too long and she gets worse … and she can’t breathe…and ends up on a ventilator….

In reality she has a bad cough, she’s normally a fit healthy 20 year old so it’s very unlikely she’s end up on a ventilator….but with every thought in that pathway I feel worse …. Because the thought creates the feeling.

So the trick is stop before the ‘because’

Feel the feeling and stop right there 🛑

You can’t stop the feeling … you’re human … but you can stop the
‘because-what if’ train.

Let the feeling just hang there – don’t give it power – hard but possible.

Let it flow past and sure enough another will follow! ❤️

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