Hey! I’m Michelle Chelu

I’m like you.  Busy with life.  I work, cook, clean, shop, listen to kids and my husband and squeeze in a night out, a holiday and a laugh with friends.  So I’m an employee, housekeeper, counsellor, wife, carer …. And I’m also Michelle Chelu creative, love to meet new people and find out what makes them tick, I’m crafty, love my dog Douglas to distraction (even though I never wanted a dog!), I’ve just taken up running by doing the couch to 5K, taught myself crochet and I love to dance.  But sometimes the Michelle Chelu gets lost … like I said …. I’m just like you.

I was back at work when my son was 11 weeks old, overwhelmed with tiredness, trying to coordinate childcare for a newborn, whether to breastfeed or bottle feed and guilt.  This resulted in depression, anxiety, family conflict and eventually changing my job.  When my daughter came along I was in a different job but still had the same sense of being overwhelmed.  Outwardly I was smiling, happy, light, but inside I was asking myself “Where am I?” My identity and dreams got buried by the daily expectations.

I found a space to volunteer with my local Children’s Centre and so I was less alone and could check out with others, who understood, if I was worried about anything.  I took the first step that led to me to supporting other women in the same position as a Community Worker.  I helped others take that first step to reach out and move forward, in the 12 years I spent in that role.    Many women were overwhelmed, and others felt so lost when their child started school.  By giving my time and gently pushing them a little along the road in their chosen direction, they grew and then blossomed.  This experience resonated with me very profoundly.

Recently, my own experience of feelings as my son left for university (I cried and cried and he was only going 30 miles!) bought me back to rediscover that this journey of womanhood, whilst being full of love and care and pride and positivity, can often bring feelings of loss, indecision and a sense of losing your identity, confidence and self esteem.

Now I’m no different to you, I’m a mother, but I’m not just a mother.  I am the same woman I was at 18 and my hopes and interests are still inside, they just get buried as life takes over.  Through my experience with many other women, and lifting my head and moving forward myself, I know how I can help you.

I studied and I am a fully qualified and accredited coach and I now have the skills and knowledge to really make a difference. I change lives.

I know how to work together with you to take that first step, then the second until you can walk forward instead of feeling lost and not knowing which direction you want to go.  The step doesn’t have to be large but it can be in any direction you wish.  I’ve worked with women who have learnt the guitar, started tap dancing, written to their MP, built a garden of flowers, made jewellery, changed career, and spoken in public with their 3yr old watching with such pride in his eyes, I will never forget his face.

This is hugely important, not only for your own wellbeing but also for that of your family and friends.  You are the primary educator for your children and you are a role model to everyone who knows you. Never underestimate your impact on others, you are someone’s very significant other. If you can show them how to keep moving, then you are teaching them an invaluable life skill no matter what age they are.

You deserve the time to pause, gather your thoughts and figure out how to get what you want out of life.  I can give you that dedicated time to focus on yourself.  So be yourself. Work with me.

If you’d like an informal chat, why not book a discovery call below and we can talk about how I can help and together help you fly.

“Come to the edge”
“We can’t, we’re afraid”
“Come to the edge”
“We can’t. We will fall”
“Come to the edge”

And they came….
And he pushed them
And they flew

– Guillame Apollinaire –

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