Oh God The Guilt! A Tale of People Pleasing Self Sabotage

So, last week I made a decision to support myself. I said ‘No’. I know that was a good, empowering, confident, brave thing to do but then I got side swiped by the guilt. Jeez, you then start wondering if the ‘No’ was worth it as the guilt hits on anxiety and then shame. ReachingContinue reading “Oh God The Guilt! A Tale of People Pleasing Self Sabotage”

Let The Feelings Flow!

So here’s a thing. How are you feeling today? That’s the difference between a good day and a bad day. Your reality of your life isn’t whats happening outside of you, it’s what you’re feeling inside about what’s happening outside ………………… read that again! It’s what we feel about what’s happening outside that determines ourContinue reading “Let The Feelings Flow!”

So The Christmas Do Is Cancelled

So …. Our Christmas dooooo got cancelled yesterday. So I felt like I needed to write down my feelings this morning I was so looking forward to it. We’ve seen precious little of our long distance friends this year.  Myself and the rest of our team work remotely from home across the UK.  We speak regularly onContinue reading “So The Christmas Do Is Cancelled”

A Fresh Start – But We’ve Got Some Work To Do!

It feels like change is coming doesn’t it? We’re coming out of lockdown soon and this time it feels more real and that’s fantastic. BUT.  And yes that’s a big BUT I look at myself in the mirror and where do I start?  In 2020, although it was frustrating being locked down, I got comfortable with myContinue reading “A Fresh Start – But We’ve Got Some Work To Do!”

Imperfection In Perfect Practice and a Happy New Year!

To Have or Not to Have The Biscuit! I need to lose weight. I guess I’m not alone.  Its January – Shed the excess time. So, it’s a goal, a resolution of mine, again, this year.  Yes again.  It’s been one every year for longer than I can remember!  Same for you?  Only once canContinue reading “Imperfection In Perfect Practice and a Happy New Year!”