Coaching Sessions

So let’s get this thing moving shall we! Here’s the menu for the 1-2-1 experiences that I offer.

In all of my sessions I’ll ask challenging and thought provoking questions to help you overcome your challenges and find solutions to move you closer to where you want to be. Together we can banish you fear, remove self doubt and improve your confidence. How will that feel?

Mix and Match Sessions

£30 for a 1 hr session

Open Coaching Session

This is an informal, friendly non-judgemental session to offload and find a way to take the next step to move forward and feel better. Its a one hour session that can be open to cover any issues that come up in conversation or can cover anyone of the following subjects if you feel drawn to them.

Wheel of Life Anaylsis
Confidence Masterclass
Values and Beliefs
Overwhelm, Overthinking and Worry
Goal Setting – Creating Your Future
Fear, Procrastination and Perfectionism
Problem Solving
Changing Habits
Dealing with Conflict

On The Road Again!

12 Sssion Program

6 Session Program

These are more in-depth, life changing programs that are unique to your needs and grow and change as you develop. They help you address anything that’s holding you back allowing you to create positive action to support you moving forward. My multi session experiences include a 2 hour break-through session to start you off and payment plans are also available for these.

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