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From the armadillo of a women,

The one who always had the hard exterior (at least to most) who was lost, broken and felt all alone.

The one who used to love to talk but only to people who she knew. The thought of talking to others made me feel sick. Who ended up loving talking at conference’s full of people I’d never met.

I will always be so thankful to Michelle … for the person I grew into. Some of my best memories are with her and my time at the childrens centre.

The times i she asked “What do you mean you can’t? Have you remembered who you really are?” The belief she had in me. The strength, the confidence she helped me find.

From the ‘mood hovers’, to the ‘tomorrow is a new day’, to the ‘always be a glass half full person‘, to the ‘just breathe, smile and relax’, to the ‘always be the best you’. These are all things I still now tell my kids.

From the bottom of my heart I will always be thankful.



After moving to a new area and having. A new baby I was lacking confidence and working for myself. Michelle helped me build new friendships and gave me so much support and confidence. I attended courses I never thought I would and qualified in higher education teaching. I still look back and have fond memories of working with Michelle, thank goodness our lives passed or God knows what I would be doing.


Michelle helped with my confidence through breastfeeding support and encouraged me to do the course to a be breastfeeding peer support person within our group. I’ve helped many breastfeeding mums and feel that without her guidance it wouldn’t have been nearly as good.

speaking out about my weaknesses as a new mum helped me to encourage other new mums to share their stories and grow in confidence. It made us feel like we weren’t on our own!

You’re one in a million Michelle.


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