Reality Check

So I’ve not posted for a while.

We’ve been camping for the first time this year this weekend and it’s been amazing to have some real time out. Because it was so hot we didn’t even go for a walk so all I had to do was eat, sleep and walk over to the toilet (and the bar!)

I didn’t post last week because I spent all week working and getting ready for the weekend. We had family come to dog sit because we knew how hot it was going to be, so I got caught up in a cleaning frenzy.

Crazy mental thinking trying to meet what I thought were others expectations so that I could relax. The reality was I stressed myself out and got really tired and actually my mother in law never used my spotless oven anyway!

I was reacting to the reality I had in my head, not the real reality. Filtering information through my own beliefs that were skewed.

This view yesterday morning showed me what real reality is. This was a real reality check. Peace and realising that my clean oven was irrelevant. Keep it real folks, it’s exhausting if you don’t.

Peace and people first ❤️

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