Curiosity Is The Secret!

Its accessible to everyone.  It’s a welcome pleasure and it doesn’t ask for much!

Most days nothing out of the ordinary happens but sometimes something catches your eye.

Do you pause and turn your head?  Does it spark your interest to look a little closer?  Or do you look away and forget it?  What’s caught your eye lately?

Those sparks of curiosity are the way that opportunities and inspiration come to us.  Curiosity is the garden gate to a path that could lead who knows where?  To an amazing and unexpected place, or to just a few minutes quiet dreaming.  I don’t know about you, but I get a sweet kind of feeling in my chest.  A feeling of wonder.  A feeling of what if …?  It’s kind a good!  I like to follow the path.  At the very least I have the satisfaction of a good feeling, learning a random piece of information or having a go at something new.

When I wonder out load my husband takes it as a crazy definite decision I’ve made and starts trying to fit my dreaming and make it fit our life right now.  He gets frustrated and doesn’t get what its about.  It’s about the moment.  The possibility.  The ‘what if you can?’  I went skydiving in one of those wind tunnels a couple of years ago.  I’ll probably never do it again, but I would.  It was so much fun and what a memory!!

Often my curiosity wonderings sit on a shelf in my head, but sometimes another one comes along that sits alongside one I’ve met before and they merge – now a real idea starts to form.  Its almost as though like attracts like and the universe starts throwing related curiosities my way.  The same as Facebook does!

Its not a desperation, an obsession, or a passion.  Though it could turn into one if I collect wonderings that start to connect.  Its more a ‘maybe’ thought.  A ‘Why not?’

If you want more wonder in your life wander in!  If it doesn’t turn out perfect, let it go and stay open to the next spark to play with.

Looking back now I realise I’m most inspired by those who are curious, have a go and follow their paths.  Curiosity keeps you steadily moving forward where hotter emotions like passion and fear can stop you in your tracks and cause you to run.  I like the person who chills out and follows their heart.  No stress, no shame simply curious interest.  Sometimes its great, sometimes a flop but mostly an interesting outcome and you’re further on than you were before.

How do you feel about being curious? How do you react to interesting?

When you try something new it will always feel uncomfortable, that shows you’re growing.  But how do you react to that?  Do you push through to the good part beyond uncomfortable when you realise its ok?  Or do you quit too soon and let the fear win …. Again.

Be careful not to quit too soon.  Don’t let go of your courage the moment things stop being easy because that’s where the wonder your soul craves starts!

Follow your curious and let me know where it goes!

Big shout out to Big Magic by Elizabeth Gilbert – great book!

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